About Me

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Magdi B. El-Din

Art is the manipulation of accumulated aesthetics. One finds himself obliged to experience paints and brushes, pencils and paper, inks and etching plates, clay and modelling, the wacom tablet and the computer screen, all but for the sake of the very excitement of the moment.

I am and since 1970 am still a painter. I have graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Alexandria, Egypt in 1977. Masters Degree in Visual and Performing Arts from Charles Sturt University, Australia 2010.

My artwork revolves on daily acquainted themes: The portrait, the still life, the car and the composition, all in an abstract expressionistic style.

Winner of the Grand-Prix of Rome in Painting in 1992, Ministry of Culture of Egypt.

Should you like to acquire any of my artworks, kindly e-mail by clicking the button below and I shall get back to you.

21 one-man exhibitions as follows:

1973 «L’Atelier», Art Gallery, Egypt
1974 Mahmoud Saied Museum, Egypt
1975 «L’Atelier», Art Gallery, Egypt
1978 Goethe Institute, Egypt
1981 «i-punkt», Germany
1982 «i-punkt», Germany
1984 Galerie Pittoresque, Germany
1986 Kuwait Cultural Center, Kuwait
1990 Galerie Blel, Tunisia
1992 «L’Atelier», Art Gallery, Egypt
1994 Egyptian Art Academy in Rome, Italy
1996 Spanish Cultural Center, Egypt
1998 “L’Atelier”, Art Gallery, Egypt
2006 The Culture Center, Oman
2008 The Fine Arts Society of Oman
2009 Dubai International Art Gallery, UAE
2010 The Fine Arts Society of Oman
2011 The Fine Arts Society of Oman
2013 The Fine Arts Society of Oman
2014 The Fine Arts Society of Oman
2019 “ISIS” Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

I have participated in several collective exhibitions in Egypt, Kuwait and Oman.